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Our Office

Our office is located at 300 E Pier St. in downtown Port Washington, on the first floor of a beautiful 1894 Cream City brick home. This historical building comes with a few quirks, including a small flight of stairs to the front door.


Should you or your pet have difficulty with stairs, we have an ADA accessible entrance in the back, adjacent to our parking pad. Please feel free to park there, or use the street parking near the building. 

We are not a full service veterinary hospital, but we provide most of the care your pet will need through his/her life. We offer personalized and thorough examinations, full laboratory testing, vaccinations, chronic disease management, treatment for mild-moderate illness, hospice care, and end of life care. 

Dr. Horsch does not enjoy or excel at surgery, so she refers her patients to local hospitals for these procedures.

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