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In home euthanasia begins at $295. Cremation services can be arranged by Dr. Horsch for an additional fee.

General Cremation

Your pet's ashes will not be returned to you.

0-35 lbs


36-75 lbs


76-100 lbs


101-150 lbs


Private Cremation

Includes ashes returned and optional paw print clay impression delivered to your home.

0-35 lbs


36-50 lbs


76-100 lbs


101-150 lbs


Home Burial

No cost--however, this is difficult during the winter and illegal within city limits. Please confirm your area's burial laws when choosing this option.

The standard urn is cherrywood box. Midwest Cremation has many other urns available for an upcharge, which can be viewed here.

$50 convenience charge added for evening, weekend, and holiday requests.

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